I joined an extra’s agency two weeks and I’m loving every second of it! Clea from Ripleys Management is great and I immediately struck it off with her. Upon leaving her office in a taxi, I was called up by her and told I was already asked to be in Offspring?! Speedy or what! #veryimpressed

Since then, two weeks in, I’ve been booked as an extra 3 times on Offspring and on a 3 part Metro commercial. It’s all really exciting and gives me the opportunity to get in front of the camera instantly. I know it’s not acting but everyone’s got to start somewhere.

You actually meet some great people too however there are a few who just sit there and talk to no one all day – I just want to shake them and slap them in the face. Every time I’m on set though I can’t stop thinking about Ricky Gervais – Its spot on. Awesome.

It’s also going to be a lot tougher here to get speaking roles because of my accent?! I’ve been practising hard, you know, ‘interacting’ with the locals. It’s too easy maaaate…. Fingers crossed for a featured extra than!

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