The Amateur Chef

I couldn’t never have predicted last week in a million years; I hosted my first cooking show.

About 3 weeks ago I worked on a promo job with a girl called Cindy. Awesome girl who, in her spare time, actually turned out to be a presenter on a cooking show called ‘Ginger Chef’ on Channel 31. She mentioned It had been going for some time however they were trying to get some younger people/chefs/cooking enthusiasts on the show who could relate to both old and new audiences. I said to her that I really enjoyed cooking (and not that I thought of myself of a chef but just that I really enjoyed it!). I also mentioned that my flat was unique and the kitchen would be perfect for filming. After a couple of hours working with Cindy and talking through it, she suggested I think about going on the show!

I called her the next day. I mean come on! What an opportunity! I am out here to try new things and if anything else, I could use the footage as a showreel for other jobs.

It was decided that I cook two recipes, both European and inspired from Denmark and France. The direction was going to be taking my mothers recipes and adding my own twist. I couldn’t stop smiling and on Wednesday, Cindy, the producer and camera’s came around. The camera’s were set up and off we went. It went brilliantly, in fact, so brilliantly that we talked more than cooking. We only managed to get one dish done in the time we should have finished off both! The producer was so impressed she wanted to come back the next day to film the second but also get some shots of us at the market picking up the ingredients.

She’s since mentioned that this episode might even be used as the pilot to submit to Foxtel. What!!!! Ok, calm down Christian.

So, lets drop it until I hear more and not get too excited. It probably wont happen.

I’ll update once I hear more!

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