It’s all about the journey…

It’s been a while since I last wrote my blog so I thought I would brush the cobwebs off the keyboard and update you all. It’s been a busy month here in Melbourne and time seems to be flying by (you know the saying).

So things are finally starting to take off in regards to my acting. I say take off, it’s more a soft launch. I’ve conceded that the life of an actor is all about the journey and fully understand that things wont happen overnight. It’s a slow process, one that gives me panic attacks at times; “WTF am I doing?” I ask my self many days. I’ve given up a good career back home to live on the other side of the world as a student again. I’m not making any money, I’m doing menial jobs and going nowhere fast- WHAT!!

Even though I’m shitting myself, I have to calm down and realise that I’ve given everything up to do something I love.  I’m finally doing something that I feel I can actually add value to. Saying that, I haven’t actually got anywhere yet – im just heading in the right direction…

You’re probably expecting me to now add that I’ve done loads of work (paid even) to warrant this extreme excitement and positivity but I haven’t. I’m now two short films down with a really small film production house called Maxfilm. They enter loads of short films into competitions internationally and it’s a great place to learn and get some experience.  It’s so much fun and the team are all so enthusiastic. The most recent film (Drained) was written, shot and edited in 48 hours for the 48 Green Hours Film competition in Sydney. An interesting/mad storyline which should make comedy viewing – I played the lead role about an arse (how apt) who learns the errors in his ways, only after he has gone too far. I’ll post it up on here in June when I’m allowed to.

Park smoking

I’m off to Sydney next week for 4 days to shoot another short film. This time,  a Master’s Film Production project. This revolves around a stressed relationship between a couple and ends with a shocking discovery. It’ll be my most challenging role yet and I’m so excited to get going. I’ll get it up here as soon as it edited too!

Last week I stepped up my tuition by joining 16th Street Acting Studio. This now means I’m spending two nights a week in class, each over 3 hours long. Each class fly’s by and is so much fun, addictive even.  It’s all in the name of building a collection of skills from different courses to put on my CV – like ‘Trumps’. Once I feel I have enough ‘good cards’ and I’m comfortable, ill get myself an agent. Who knows!

TV show ‘Ginger chef’ is due to air soon so ill load it up here once it’s been broadcast.

Autumn has definitely arrived here in Melbourne. It’s cold, very cold.  I keep looking at the temperature in London and wonder why I chose Melbourne? I thought it was supposed to be hot here all yeah round? No. You can forget the beach and sitting in parks during winter and look for the winter jacket, the scarf and gloves. It’s pretty weird having the seasons back to front – July being the coldest. It makes it harder to leave the new house to go out, and what a beautiful house it is. I moved from my last place about 3 weeks ago and I seem to have landed in cooking heaven – I fear however I’ll leave a diabetic. It’s unbelievable. Nearly every other day a cake or dessert is baked in the house; sometimes at crazy hours of the morning. There are 5 of us in the house, in Brunswick West; 3 girls and 2 of us guys. Its lived in but so cozy.  I’ll put up some pictures very soon.

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