Is technology making me stupid?

I reached a new level of stupidity the other day.  After taking the final picture on my Lomo, I immediately open the back cover and pulled out the film, slowly unravelling all of the film in front of everyone. I looked down at the length of film and then up at everyone around the dinner table in confusion. It was only then I realised that this was NOT a digital camera and that I had to rewind the film manually after I had finished.  This is a known fact to all.  Manual camera’s do not rewind themselves!

I’ve also found myself relying heavily on Google maps on my iPhone to get me everywhere. I however am one of the millions that also suffer from the iphone’s lightning depletion of battery.  After disconnecting it from the laptop in the mornings, I reckon I have roughly 3 seconds to get to a power socket to reconnect it, if I want to have the use of it. It is therefore now becoming common to find myself with a dead phone in the middle of nowhere, lost.  Instead of asking the next person for directions, I stubbornly resist and try to find my own way out of the mess…without luck.

What is my problem? Am I the only doing this? Is technology making me stupid?

Digital camera’s makes everything so easy. You press a button, auto focus, turn off, plug into laptop, transfer and auto adjust with the magic tool. It makes it so easy to take ‘a photo’, just like having the mobile internet in the palm of your hand, using GPRS to show exactly where you need to go to reach your destination.

So what did we all do before all of this technology made our lives easier? Carrying spare rolls of film, rewinding the films once they had finished our selves (I guess), allowing a week to see the developed pictures, carrying large road maps everywhere and finally asking people for directions if you got lost?  The thing is, I actually really like Google maps, my digital camera, my laptop and the Internet in my palm. I like technology, even if it’s made me stupid. I think I would seriously be lost without them. In more ways than one….

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