A newfound belief in 缘 (Yuan)

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived in Sydney for a 4 day shoot on a short film. Titled ‘Fragile’, it was the culmination of a years work for a master’s student called Effy from Sydney University. This 10 minute short film tells the life of a guy coming to terms with a deep secret and how he battles to tell the love of his life.

As an actor, It was my most challenging role yet. Due to shortages in time and me living in Melbourne, the script was only finalised the night before the shoot. Effy and the other lead actress, Jenny, had been working hard the week before the film to partially re write the film. Lots of lines,  a short amount of time to learn and shoot the film. The pressure was on.

As Effy, the majority of the crew on set and lead actress spoke Chinese, it invariably lead to Chinese being spoken all day on set. Quite a challenge for me as my Chinese is still a bit rusty but everything or most was translated over. It was fun but the use of different languages is tiring.

I learned a lot that weekend. Amongst being taken out for traditional Chinese food and learning a bit of the culture, I discovered the principle of Buddhist ‘fate’.

Now I’ve always sort of believed it, or in a similar version ‘serendipity’; ‘Finding something that you’re not expecting’.  Fate in China, or ‘Yuan’ as it’s called is a Buddhist related concept that means the predetermined principle that dictates a person’s relationships and encounters, usually positive, such as the affinity among friends or lovers. In common usage the term can be defined as the “binding force” that links two persons together in any relationship.

So why was all of this brought up? Well, this project so happened to go well for us all. Firstly, Effy took a gamble of me; no showreel, no examples and I even lived an hour flight away. Even though she believed in me, in the fate that I was meant to be in the film, she still told me after the shoot she had been anxious all the way until I landed in Sydney. If I had pulled out, her project could have collapsed!

The shoot went really well. It all came together, beautiful sunsets, great weather and even fireworks in Sydney CBD went off at exactly the right time in the background of one of the night scenes! Yuan?

Ok, so I’m not changing religion or changing my life belief but I’m starting to see a lot of examples of Yuan. You have to put the effort in though, a lot. You can’t just sit about and believe you will win the lottery one day. I guess, if you get out there enough to maximise opportunity, then it will happen.

I even ended up at Jess’s house party (with Wheeler, the legend who let me stay on his couch) on one of the nights whilst I was Sydney. I used to work with Jess at Uni 9 years ago and completely un related, Katie, an English girl I currently work with in my Bar in Melbourne (and there are only 4 of us) was there. The same party, the same night, in a different city. It may not sound crazy but it was.

So where is all this leading to?! Well, I just think good things happen for a reason, and when good things do happen, what is that reason? Is it an indicator that you’re on the right path? That you’ve made a right decision? Should you carry on doing what you’re doing?

What I’m trying to say is that I can’t remember the last time I had an indicator in life that re-affirmed my career choice, or life choice for that matter…Can you? Therefore, when you do see them, accept it.

Anyway!!! Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so deep:)

Good news! I found out that the film I recently did for the 48 Green Hours short film festival, ‘Drained’, has been nominated for a couple of awards!! The awards night is this Friday so we’ll find out then what we’ve won :) So excited!

Update to follow soon :)

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