A week of success :)

Melbourne may be going through one of the coldest winters on record but I’ve been feeling plenty of sunshine rays recently. There’s a big smile on my face :)

I auditioned for a part in a new comedy series called Ester Co about a month ago and finally got the call last week I’d been waiting for.  I managed to get one of the lead characters in the series which made me scream for joy in my back garden. Initially we’ll just be filming the pilot 2 days a week in August but the aim is to sell the @**@ out of it to the networks. The script is brilliant, with a mix of ‘The Office’ and ‘Peep Show’. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

Acting classes are still going well and keeping me busy. It’s only 3 hours a week and may feel like slow progress but its giving me loads of time to learn on the job. Through speaking to other actors, I realised that I shouldn’t just limit myself to learning from short films, but also consider theatre too. After a few applications, I auditioned  to join a troupe performing at The Melbourne Fringe, and got the part yesterday :) I can’t begin to explain how happy and nervous I am at the thought of being on stage! It takes me back to Bugsy Malone in High School!

Along with the above, I’m still auditioning for and doing short films. I’m still waiting for a few to be sent through to me so ill post them up on here as soon as I see them. Then again, if it’s a poor performance, you wont see them ;)

Us English over here have been suffering lately reading all of the status updates on Facebook. Glastonbury this, Hyde Park that. It’s painful. Strings thankfully managed to get me a free ticket to Splendour in the Grass in Brisbane at the end of July (Usually $500!! We have it so lucky back home with cheap festivals) I’ll be heading up with Baz, Strings, Hayley and Jonny and renting a 5 bed camper van. This means we can finally get our fix of festivals.

This year is flying past, it’s unreal. It’s now been half a year and it only feels like yesterday I left the UK. It’s therefore time to start thinking about extending my visa. I’ve concluded there are 3 options; Marry an Aussie, Fruit pick or get extradited. I’m not ready to come home and you know I’ve got a bad back…..






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