English man seeks Australian wife for visa

Spring has definitely arrived in Melbourne, the city just comes out of its shell when the sun is shinning – Its beautiful :)

I’ve been so busy since I last updated my blog, my feet just havent touched the ground. It’s good to get some down time so I can relax and update what I’ve ben up to.

Pirate radio went brilliantly and is still going however I’ve ceased involvement as there just isn’t enough hours in the day to be part of it. I really enjoyed radio and has even made me think about maybe doing a bit more in the future. The two interviews I did are here and here if you fancy a listen.

The comedy pilot ‘Ester Co’ is still in production and is going well. Its taking up a few days and week and should be finished soon. I can’t wait for it to be edited and released as the storyline is great. The finished polished film should be completed in a month or so.

Another very exciting project has now started with Max De Bowen, the director/producer of various short films I’ve done in the past. Flatwhites is a new web series which has developed out of some previous projects we’ve done. An episode a week is initially going to be released showcasing the lives of two guys and their luck with women, or should i say rather lack of luck of. They’re essentially douch bags who think they are top players without the realisation of what they are doing. It’s due to launch this weekend on www.flatwhites.com so check it out and follow the story. It’s a whole lot fun to film and I hope it’ll be a whole lot of fun to watch. Just bear with us whilst the characters develop :)

The Uncommon Alphabet play is also coming along nicely. Rehearsals are twice a week and the performance dates are nearing. It’ll be one show a night for 2 weeks during Melbourne Fringe which starts on the 28th October. There is still so much to do but I’m not going to panic just yet. I’m just really excited :) The promo shots are below:

The Uncommon Alphabet  The Uncommon Alphabet  The Uncommon Alphabet


I’m still waiting to hear back from an audition I had with an awesome acting agent a couple of weeks ago. I should say that I’ve not managed to think about anything else. Anticipation, nerves and sweaty palms…I’m even fidgeting in my chair now just thinking about it! I just need to hear either way.

Finally, fruit picking beacons. It’s a horrible reality but I think i might actually have to do it. The ridiculous truth is that it’s actually quite difficult to find a farm. I’m searching, and so is the entire foreign backpacker community, for jobs but alas, nothing. It’s impossible! If the Australian government really wants to put all through this, then is has to be achievable! Not just some hide and seek hunt. Maybe they should call it a ‘year searching for work holiday visa’?

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