Australian visa available for slave labour

We legally offer 3 months labour at a Farm in Shepparton which allows you to apply for your second year visa in Australia.  You will be required to complete the full 88 full days. We pay the minimum wage and charge you 15% employment commission however do offer you a pension with the work.

You will be required to work from 7.30am until 5.30 or 6pm on most days however longer shifts may frequently occur. For this, we offer no overtime benefits or increases pay.

You will be working as a ‘Boxman’ which consists of putting the top’s onto boxes and then lumping the 25kg boxes onto pallets, sometimes 2 metres high.  The position would suit someone with stamina and a strong back. All work will be conducted inside the packing shed.

The farm, packing shed and employees accommodation is set in the pristine countryside location of Shepparton, around 2.5 hours north of Melbourne.  Shepparton is Victoria’s 5th largest city and boasts a variety of shops and restaurants including McDonald’s, Subway, KFC and Hungry Jacks. Opening hours are Mon-Friday 9-5, Saturday 10-1 with most places closed on Sunday.  If you want to enjoy a drink or two, there are various places to visit – we do however recommend completing a self-defence course before visiting any bars or clubs.

The pickers and packers accommodation quarters are set a short walk away from the packing shed. Here, we offer basic amenities including a kitchen with plastic school chairs and tables, perfect to relax in and eat that long deserving meal after a long days work. No sofa’s or TV room are offered however there are steel benches outside in the sun.

Local amenities like a post box and corner shop are only a 1.5 hours roundtrip stroll away.

You’ll be sharing your room with three others. Plenty of storage space is available for each person with their own foot-squared locker whilst the double bunk beds allow for maximum comfort and space. There are only 2-3 reported thefts a year so feel comfortable in the fact your items are secure.

You’ll be sharing with 59 others, the majority of which are from Taiwan as well as 2 guys from Ireland and England. Fun times and flowing conversation are sure to follow so make sure you bring your party hat!

We look forward to receiving your application and hope to provide you with an enriching experience of the true authentic Australian hospitality.

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