Fooled by a Chocolate Santa

The Christmas holiday period is a funny time of year. We spend so long looking forward to it and before you know it, it’s passed, leaving you empty inside, wondering where the hell it went.

It’s the season for over indulging in parties, drinking, music (Christmas Carols!),  shopping and of course eating. As with most people, this Christmas I ate far too much chocolate. I do try to tell myself not to eat  too much but it’s my vice. However, after 28 years, I’ve finally realised why it happens. They shape the chocolate like Santa Claus!  I know right? Can you believe it? Remember people, even though it looks fun, it’s still chocolate.

This year was especially different due to the distance between the family and friends. For me, it was important to not try to emulate the usual Christmas – I would never succeed. Instead, I would embrace the change and go with the flow. For the first time ever at Christmas, I experienced 30 degree heat, a picnic, a BBQ, a hail storm and even going out on Christmas Eve. Yes, I know, out. Shock. I probably sound like a little boy to most reading this, however this is traditionally ‘family time’ the way we celebrate at home. I even opened my present’s on Christmas Day! Now that’s a whole other story!

I’m just really thankful to Katie (another English Orphan) who celebrated with me, making it a special one to remember. I’m glad I experienced the change but Christmas down under just isn’t the same. To me, decorations in the sun look tacky whilst fake snow in window shop displays in stifling heat just doesn’t go! They should just put Santa in a Ute dishing out snags and can coolers – a lot more fitting.

It’s also around this time when we all assess the past year and make resolutions or set targets for the next year. After reading all the recent status updates on Facebook, it got me thinking. I think it’s healthy to look back at what you’ve accomplished in the last year and compare it to the targets you set at the beginning. The thing is, I can’t remember my targets. I guess that might be a good thing, I mean that way you can never be disappointed?

Looking back over the last year, I came to Australia with the intention to find out if I should change my life and start Acting. How faint of an objective is that?!?! Anyway, I soon realised I’d made the right step. Then, from scratch, I decided to build up material in order to make a showreel. From this, get an agent and then start to get paid jobs and get noticed. I used to have a slight tendency to run before I could walk so I wanted to make sure I did everything the best way. Making sure I was comfortable and confident enough to do a job before accepting it, at the same time, pushing and testing myself.

Starting a new life in a new country is a challenge. Its allowed me to do what I wanted without prejudice and experiment to find out myself (wow, this is deep – bear with me). For me, the backbone of support from friends (new and old) is by far the most important thing and is what has helped me accomplish what I set out to achieve. I guess, that’s one element people don’t think about when making their plans. Over the past year, I’ve met some amazing people who I’ve become very close to. Had I not met these people, I would have had a very different and less successful year.

So, onto 2012. It’s important though to not set too unrealistic goals, who in their right mind is going to give up alcohol for a year? Mine will be challenging and flexible. I’ve resorted to setting an overall target and a few short-term, month by month aims. Just like last year too, the support from friends and family is what will make it possible.

This year however, rather than just listing objectives, I’m working towards something else. Belief. Belief that I can do it, Belief from my friends,  from my family,  from my agent that I’m good enough, from casting directors that I’m the perfect actor for the part and from directors that I can push myself.

I guess that’s it. The rest will just fall into place.

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