It felt like I was forever worrying and working towards obtaining my visa extension last year and early 2012. After 4 months lumping fruit and volunteering at a family farm in rural Northern Victoria, I finally got it. I would just like to advise anyone who is contemplating working with fruit, whether it be picking, packing or lumping, to a) not do it and b) not even think about doing it. Even when I submitted my visa application, they made me a wait a grueling 2 weeks for the visa to be approved. However, finally all that worrying turned into relief….for a short while at least. Then, just as soon as relief had set in, I immediately started to contemplate what to do when the new extension expired?! Living in Australia is great however this constant visa situation hanging over my head is really starting to bug me – YOU NEVER STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. Anyway, I’ve decided to try to not think about it and just live this year to the max.

Moving back to Melbourne after doing all this work felt good. It’s like my drive and focus had to be put on hold for 4 months – I could finally flick the switch back on and get into it again. And back into it again, I did.

I was introduced to the great team behind FLY-ON-THE-WALL-THEATRE and auditioned for a rehearsed reading of Alan Balls ‘All That I Will Ever Be’ (thanks Francisco). I got the part of Dwight and after rehearsing for over a month, we performed two sell out readings (unlike any other readings) at Chapel Off Chapel in one day. Not only did it feel amazing to be working alongside such amazing actors, a great Director (Rob Chuter) and his great team (Mark, David and Chris), but it really made me appreciate good writing. Since then, we have secured an Australian Premiere season at Chapel Off Chapel and will be performing from 9th to 20th May. Tickets can be bought here.

I’m also happy to say that I secured the lead in a short, ‘A Cup Of Sugar’ which is also going to be directed by Rob Chuter and produced by Fat Kid Films.

Flat Whites is still going well and we have now filmed 37 episodes. The project is still in its infancy and the team is always learning however it has been growing better than we could ever have anticipated. So much so, the series is part of the Official Selection at both the LA Web Fest 2012 Awards and Holly Web 2012 Awards. Fingers crossed for some recognition of all the hard work put in. C31 has also confirmed they wish to air 14 24 minute episodes later in the year which is a huge milestone. Filming starts in a couple of months however I have unfortunately decided to move on at the end of April 2012. Without an imminent cliché death scene planned, who knows what will happen in the future :)

Presently, my life feels like it’s in a massive flux which is exciting because I just don’t know which way it’s going to go. If I actually sat back and thought about all of the options, I think I would implode. Some people might breakdown but it’s a huge driver for me. I moved out of my share house and packed up my belongings to go on this current 5 week Flat Whites tour. I say Flat Whites because we were initially going to be filming everyday for the web series however, due to the awards in LA, filming has taken a back seat. It’s great though as I get to see friends and family (HELLO! :)). I’ll then be back in Melbourne at the end of April to move full steam ahead. I’ll be on the hunt for a share house, a temporary job (as acting pays that well) and most importantly, a new agent as my previous one was completely useless. All of this whilst the show is going on. Bring it on! :)


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