‘Breakdown’ – Shooting early Jan 2013

There’s nothing quite as exciting as making your own film. There’s so much to do and think of which I just didn’t think of before. That added with the pressure – ultimately, if the film turns out to be rubbish, it’s your own fault.

I had a bit of ‘down time’ earlier in the year and ended up writing a short film. It was 8 minutes long and wasn’t even planned, it just suddenly came out one rainy day. A couple of months later and we’re knee-deep in planning.

It’s about a guy who prematurely leaves his school sweetheart, only to randomly come to her roadside aid ten years later on the way to his wedding. Not only do overdue questions get answered, but a shocking truth is discovered that will change his life forever.

With the help of close friends, I tweaked the script a few times to version until I was happy with it (honestly I could tweak it forever). I then managed to assemble a stellar crew and cast the perfect actress (Melbourne Actress Lara Deam) to perform opposite myself (come on, who else did you think was going to be in it?!). The team includes Director Gary Glenn, DOP Jonathan Burton, Georgie Smibert, John La Terra, Daniel Villalobos and Alex Blainey.

We have now locked in a 2 day shoot in early Jan in a great location just North of Melbourne. Our first film festival submission will be St Kilda Film Festival amongst lots of others throughout 2013.

I’m so excited, lets hope its well received!

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