Shooting completed for “What a Gun”


What a Gun

I’ve just finished filming on the independent film ‘What a Gun’ by Dingo Cross Films. They managed to raise over $6000 through their crowd sourcing site and by just about doing anything & everything.

‘What a Gun’, Directed by Cassie Dart is a quirky romantic comedy about a lovable but mildly unhinged 20-something, Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Brown (played by the lovely Genevieve Brock), who is on a mission to nab the man of her dreams. I played Adam Hunter, the love interest of Bernie.

They’ll be pitching the film as a pilot for a series as well as a standalone 25-30 minute film for festival entry. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a fun and professional crew and I wish the film every bit of success! Look out for it in 2013!


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