‘Speed Date’ a success!


Last weekend was awesome. Not only because it’s the start of Spring here in Melbourne but because my first ever play, ‘Speed Date’ was performed. It’s a short play about a guy and a girl who meet at a speed date who live out their potential lives together during their 8 minute speed date and conclude if they are meant to be together. 

‘Speed Date’ made it into Crash Test Drama, a Melbourne institution with which I’m very fond of. At this monthly meeting of Actor, Writers and Directors, 6 scripts are pre selected, then cast, directed and performed to an audience. It’s a great concept which tests different skills of creatives. Its’ pressure ridden, and time lacking structure throws the actor and director into ‘almost’ panic mode as they rehearse furiously before performing to an audience. All while the writers try to soak as much feedback on their script from the process.  It’s fantastic. 

I’ve attending this season a couple of times as an Actor however this time, it was very different as a writer. My job was done and I looked on to the actors as they battled with comprehending the script. 

Matched with a great director, Thanassi Arthur, and our two actors; Aisha Jakszewicz and Guy Greenstone – It was a success.

We won ‘Best Play’, ‘Judges Choice Award’, ‘Best Actress’, securing a place in the finals of ‘Crash Test Drama’ as well as a place in ‘Short and Sweet’ in Melbourne in September, the worlds largest Short Play competition. 

There’s even talk of making it into a short film…more news to follow :)

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