Great Dane Films

Great Dane Films

Great Dane Films was set up in 2013 to serve as the production company for films produced by Christian Heath. Its main objective is to make and tell original,  real and compelling stories.

Our Father (2014) In Pre Production
Our Father is a 15-minute thriller/drama that uncovers the life long tolerance to an abusive Father and the breaking point reached by his revengeful son, Wyatt. Through recently witnessing his Fathers sudden mysterious death in Hospital, Wyatt revisits past and present to help him uncover their relationship and come to terms with his decisions.

Breakdown (2013)
Breakdown tells the story of a guy who prematurely leaves his school sweetheart, only to randomly come to her roadside aid ten years later on the way to his wedding. Not only do overdue questions get answered, but a shocking truth is discovered that will change his life forever.

Subclass 417 (2013)
Subclass 417 follows Ryan and Ben, two 20-something struggling actors trying to make it on a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) in Australia.  Released as a 6 part online Documentary and 23 minute film launching in June 2013.